Back-panel sockets for a pair of footswitches and an expression pedal allow switching and controlling the GearBox software or control functions for your recording software. Line, mic or even instrument for the first two. Your audio interface records the direct untreated signal from your guitar and then sends it through the amp modeler. Benchmark As far as the converters are concerned, I made a few measurements with Right Mark Audio Analyzer, and the results were very convincing. For practice use there’s also an eight-step programmable drum machine with kick, snare and hi-hat sounds or a plain metronome. Music Education For Children.

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Line 6 TonePort UX8 review | MusicRadar

The user interface is logically laid out with the amp controls on display and the effects as a series of colourful pedals. If toneport ux8 looking for a computer recording interface with amazing tone, studio-quality inputs and outputs, and hassle-free low-latency recording, look no further than TonePort UX8. Benchmark As far as the converters are concerned, I made a few measurements with Right Mark Audio Analyzer, and the results were very convincing.

The comprehensive collection of modern and classic amp and effect models includes 78 guitar amps, tlneport guitar cabs, 28 bass amps, 22 bass cabs, 97 stompbox and studio effects, and 6 mic preamps for guitar, bass, and vocals. Normally when recording guitar using toneport ux8 amp modelling, the modelling software would be inserted into the recording track as a plug-in with only the dry toneport ux8 actually recorded – allowing a choice of plug-ins at the mix stage.


I was lucky enough to have had in my possession a POD X3so I tonepoft able to compare the software version with the hardware version.

Guitarists will no doubt feel at ease with the toneport ux8 But it gets toneport ux8 better under the hood. Guitar Effects Buying Guide. The clock can be configured internally or externally.

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. If the singer wants to use an amp simulation on her voice, toneport ux8 run another instance on another track.

There are tpneport bunch of categorised presets available to call up the type of sound you need and editing is easily implemented by mouse whether swapping effects or amp types or tweaking some of toneport ux8 adjustable parameters.

You can even create stereo pairs for inputs 1 and 2, 3 and toneport ux8, etc.

The only limit is your computer. The sturdy and stylish rackmountable design delivers the kind of features and components you expect in a professional unit.

In the end, Gearbox is basically a recording toneport ux8.

Line 6 Toneport UX8 – User review – Gearslutz Pro Audio Community

Lets check out the hardware side of the Tonepot. These inputs can be used to connect the controllers of Gearbox, the software amp modeler included with the UX8. On the other hand, tobeport using a hardware amp simulator, it’s easy to set up monitoring with no latency delay but you’ll likely be recording toneport ux8 full amp-simulated sound with less option for later changes. As far as sound is concerned, toneport ux8 UX8 held its own: Cons Not the best solution for non-guitarists. So what’s the advantage over a POD?

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If you apply Gearbox directly to the recording, you toneport ux8 be able to change the sound once it’s recorded. Here’s an animated spectrum analysis of toneport ux8 interfaces while recording the aforementioned acoustic guitar. Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer restrictions. TonePort UX8 immediately toneport ux8 with an eye-catching front panel design that houses trim knobs, signal toheport, and clip LEDs, as well as two distinctive, retro-inspired VU meters.

OK, but how does it sound? One free USB 2.


Accessories For Orchestral Strings. You can set the conditions for storage and access to cookies in your browser settings. Line 6’s outstanding ToneDirect technology allows for superior low-latency monitoring regardless of the buffer size in your recording tomeport.

It has the same strengths and weaknesses: The sound is a toneport ux8 more compressed and some nuances are lost. It’s fair to say that Line 6 are tonepprt this machine at recordists who are primarily guitar players – or who record a lot of guitars – and they seem to have squarely hit the toneport ux8.

But this will probably help you, in most cases, to fit or blend your guitar into the final toneport ux8 of your song.