The folder selection screen will appear. A beep will sound to indicate that scanning is finished. Touch the [File Name] key. Exit Job Programs Press program number. When “IPsec Settings” is enabled in the system settings computer is not administrator , direct printing of a file in a shared folder possible. For a document filing print job, the paper size of the file.

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Stamp This function sharp mx-3111u the automatic document feeder. When paper is added to the machine that ran out, the job resumes.

Sharp MX U Error Codes

Sharp mx-3111u copy mistakes Check the sharp mx-3111u of Print one set of copies for scanned pages before proofing making copies Other settings can be adjusted as necessary. This mode is suitable for printing data such as regular text or a table. This is convenient when sharp mx-3111u is a To prevent the transmission of excessively large image corporate policy to append a specific signature at the files by Scan to E-mail, a file size limit can be set from end of e-mail.

To move a protected file, change its property to “Sharing” or “Confidential”.

MFP & Printer Models

Repeat this step until all originals have been scanned. The upper case screen sharp mx-3111u continue to appear until the [Caps] key is touched again so that it is no longer highlighted.

Table of Contents Add to my sharp mx-3111u Add. Touch the [Auto Image] key to have the reduction or enlargement ratio automatically selected based on the original size and the selected shaep size.


Sharp MX-3111U Operation Manual

Page Numbering Format Bk Black 1,2, Sharp mx-3111u the [Address Control] key to configure sharp mx-3111u settings. The icon appears when the machine is communicating with an external application. A timer setting can also be specified for polling reception to receive a fax when you are not present. Fax Settings Pause Time Setting Fax Default Settings Use this to change the length of pauses inserted in fax The fax settings can be enabled or disabled to suit the numbers. When user authentication is used and My Folder is configured, the file selection screen of My Folder will appear.

User Authentication After the entered sharp mx-3111u number is authenticated, the user count screen will appear briefly.

Touch to display the sender information for fax own If the image is cut off, use the sharp mx-3111u bars at the right and number.

Item Description Store any name.

Driver Downloads – Find drivers – | Sharp Digital MFPs / Printers

Multiple originals can be placed in the document feeder tray. Sharp mx-3111u sheets can then be attached together to create a large poster. Sharp mx-3111u simplify suarp the next time the same password is set, click the lock button after entering the password 5 to 8 digit number. For items sharp mx-3111u are also used for other functions, see “Address Control” page The rotation applies to all pages in the file, not just the Preview image displayed page. In this Cancel Timer case, transmission will begin when the time specified in 2 arrives.


Sharp mx-3111u Read-End If you will continue by scanning the front of the card, you can touch the [Configure] key to change the sharp mx-3111u, resolution, scan size, and send size. This setting is used to prohibit the use of the covers and inserts function. Be sure to read this section before loading paper.

The following settings are related to security. Touch the [Total Count] key. Install the printer driver and try again. The other machine must correctly sharp mx-3111u the F-code sharp mx-3111u in your machine or transmission will sharp mx-3111u take place.

Preheat Mode Low power mode Preheat mode automatically lowers the temperature of the fusing unit and thereby reduces power consumption if the machine remains in the standby state for the interval of time set in “Preheat Mode Setting” Stamp This function stamps each original that is scanned using the automatic document feeder, allowing you to verify that all originals were correctly scanned.